Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tasting: That Boutique-Y Whisky Co. Tormore 21 Years - Batch #3

When talking about Tormore distillery the majority of malt enthusiasts quickly reaching for their phones to Google what the hell you are talking about, while the once who have already broken their Tormore virginity, usually starts talking about their favorite independent Tormore bottling.
Like so many other amazing but rather unknown distilleries, Tormore sole purpose was to produce whisky for blended whisky. It was founded in 1960 by Long John International who build the distillery so it could produce malt whisky for its various Long John blends, however, the Tormore malt also quickly became an ingredient for various Ballantine's blends as well. Whitbread & Co. took over Long John International in 1975, who then sold the distillery to Allied Distillers Ltd. in the same year. Allied Distillers Ltd. introduced their Caledonian Malts in 1991, which was meant as an alternative to Diageo’s Classic Malts range – introduced in 1988. The Caledonian Malts originally included Glendronach, Miltonduff, Laphroaig and a 10 years old version of Tormore, but Tormore was later replaced with Scapa. “Yeah, tell me about it?” In 2005 Pernod Ricard bought Allied but transferred the management of the Tormore distillery to The Chivas Brothers who released a 12 years old official bottling to replace the 10 years old version. Somewhere around 2014 two new expressions – a 14 and a 16 years old – was released, which makes, as far as I know, the last official bottlings from Tormore. Since then, we have had to rely upon the independent bottlers to get our Tormore fix.

That Boutique-y Whisky Co. Tormore 21 Years – Batch #3
Single Malt Whisky

Distillery: Tormore
Bottler: That Boutique-Y Whisky Co.
Region: Speyside
Age: 21 Year
Proof/ABV: 46,8%
DK Price: £93/790dkk
Release: Limited 149 bottle release

Points: 89/100

About the label art: Taken directly from That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s website:

If you’re planning a trip up to Scotland to look at all the picturesque distilleries, here’s a hot tip - take a look at Tormore. Beautiful distillery, surrounded by a thick pine forest and it overlooks the River Spey. So beautiful that you might even think we’d put a picture of it on the label of our Tormore, just to show off how pretty it is. Nope. We put a whacking great hill on it instead. It’s got a bird and a plane, too.

As it’s always the case with That Boutique-y Whisky Co. this Tormore comes in a 50cl bottle. It’s an outtake of 149 bottles, bottled at 46,8% ABV, released in February 2018.

Soft-spoken promises of great things to come!
Great summerly note of “Grev Moltke” Pear, like the one that was planted in the garden of my childhood home, indeed that brings out memories! A bit of liquorice, Green Tea, citrus splash, apricot and green apples.   

Amazingly creamy taste of hard pear cider mixed with apple-pie and vanilla bean.  

Medium finish, that lingers on a sugary grapefruit note.  

Overall Impression:
An impressive, elegant and well-balanced dram, which did a world of good for me this evening. 

Review By: Hasse Berg
Photo by: (All rights reserved)

Son of Winston Churchill has kindly been granted permission to use the photo in this review. 


The Adventures Of Whisky Pete - Part #92

I belive this is a late 70s early 80, Michter's. Honestly and interesting dram for sure. Had the luck of tasting this las weekend. I've learned the older the Michter's, the more the heavy pipe tobacco influence.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tasting: FEW. Delilah's 23rd Anniversary

FEW Delilah’s 23rd Anniversary
A blend of Bourbon, rye and single malt.

Distillery: FEW Spirits
Age: NAS
Average UK Price: £67/570dkk
ABV/Proof: 50%/100 Proof
Release: 2017. Limited release

88/100 points

FEW Spirits Delilah’s 23rd anniversary bottling was created exclusively for the 23rd anniversary of the legendary Chicago bar; Delilah's, there is located just a few miles away from the FEW distillery.
This whiskey is a NAS whiskey, clocking in at 50% ABV. It’s a vatting of 23 barrels, primarily bourbon & rye’s, but also unknown numbers of single malt barrels were added in the mix, all hand selected by The Delilah’s team.

The Delilah’s 23rd anniversary bottling was release last year – 2017 – and is already almost impossible to find today. I was kindly gifted a sample of it, by a guy, best known in the bourbon societie circles as the @spiritscabinet and it’s fair to say that I’m super stoked being graded the opportunity to taste it.

I have previously described FEW Spirits. If you want to learn more about the distillery, click here.

Bold rye spices hit instantly, but once you get past it the nose opens up and reveals the most incredible deep scent of blueberries, mint, vanilla and a not unpleasant note of petroleum and a hint of black pepper in the backseat.  

The classic sweet bourbon profile takes the lead with really creamy caramel, brown sugar and vanilla with the blueberries taste as an underlying key player, but it quickly transcend, and the rye portion in the blend steps into play, bringing its delicious spices into play towards the finish. 

Heat starts building up in the finish, with a lot of spicy flavors. Nutmeg, cinnamon and a fair amount of red chili pepper.

Overall Impression:
One of the more impressive American blends that I have had the pleasure of tasting in a while and the only real downside here is that I’m probably not able to track down a bottle, but if you do happen to stumble upon it at retail, then do yourself a favor and pick it up.  

Review by: Hasse Berg
Photo by: @spiritscabinet

The Adventures Of Whisky Pete - Part #91

My kind of Game Of Thrones...

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tasting: High West. American Prairie Reserve

High West’s American Prairie Reserve is a blend of two straight Bourbons; A 6 year old bourbon from Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana (now named MGP of Indiana) made up of 75% Corn, 20% rye, 5% barley malt, and a 10 year old higher rye bourbon from Four Roses, made up of 60% Corn, 35% rye, and 5% barley malt.

American Prairie Reserve was named after the 5,000 square mile wildlife reserve in northeastern Montana, the largest in the lower 48 states, which High West was donating 10% of their post-tax profits made from this whiskey to.  

High West. American Prairie Reserve.
Blend of straight bourbon whiskey
Non Chill-filtered

Distillery: High West
Origin: LDI & Four Roses
Age: A blend of 6 – 10 years old bourbon
DK price: $99USD/600dkk
ABV/Proof: 92 Proof/46%
Release: Discontinued

88/100 points

It’s a bit of the odd one out. Really fruity. Overripe blueberries, dark plums and strawberries with a hint of oak in the backseat.   

Pleasant dry mouth-feel. A bit of a rye kick at first. Bitter orange marmalade, syrup and cinnamon wrapped in a tight rye spicy blanket.

Long finish with Clementine, vanilla and black pepper.  

Photo & Review By: Hasse Berg

The Adventures Of Whisky Pete - Part #90

All I ever hear anyone talk about is the IPA, BUT THIS the XX from Glenfiddich is just delicious.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tasting: That Boutique-y Whisky Co. Ledaig 18 Years - Batch #3

The whisky Ledaig is known for causing quite the confusion because there is no longer a distillery carrying the Ledaig name, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Back in 1795, John Sinclair founded the Ledaig distillery, as the only distillery on the Isle of Mull.

For the last two century’s The Ledaig/Tobermory distillery has been silenced more than a handful of times and have experienced several different owners, who somewhere along the way, changing the distilleries name from Ledaig to Tobermory, and for a short period of time, back to Ledaig again. The distillery really didn’t stabilize until Burnt Stewart Distillers, who paid 600,000 GBP for the distillery and another 200,000 for the supplies of whisky, bought it back in 1993. Before that time, the Tobermory whisky was being released both as a single and a blended malt, while Ledaig purely was being produced as a single malt. Nowadays the brand name Tobermory is used for the distilleries un-peated malt whisky, while the peated whisky is sold as Ledaig.

Doing one of Ledaig/Tobermory’s non-production periods, the distilleries warehouses was sold and later rebuild as departments, that’s why the whisky produced at Tobermory distillery is being shipped to the mainland and filled into casks at Deanston distillery and
then transported onwards to Bunnahabhain on Islay for ageing.

That Boutique-y Whisky Co. Ledaig 18 Years – Batch #3
Single Malt Whisky

Distillery: Tobermory
Region: Islands
Age: 18 Year
Proof/ABV: 51,7%
DK Price: £90/766dkk
Release: Limited 921 bottle release

Points: 86/100

About the label art: Taken directly from That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s website:

The label of our Ledaig has a very angry man on it who seems to have had quite enough of Islay thinking they’re the last word in peated whisky and he’s going to set the record straight. How is he going about doing that? Well, he’s taught himself to fly and he’s got himself a massive sledgehammer, for starters…


Oak and coal up front, just like taking a sniff at a matchbox, really! Sweet peat smoke, tar and sea salt. Very similar to a Caol Ila 12, though I’m not picking up that familiar citrus note, instead I get grapefruit and overripe honeydew melon.

Mouth drying and tight in its expression. Licorice root, salty and peppery waves mingle around with anise and grapefruit.

Medium long peppery finish.

Review By: Hasse Berg
Photo by: (All rights reserved)

Son of Winston Churchill has kindly been granted permission to use the photo in this review. 


The Adventures Of Whisky Pete - Part #89

1792 Full Proof is definitely a slippery slope in to deliciousness