Friday, February 5, 2016

Tasting: Blanton's Original

Blanton's. Original
Single Barrel Bourbon
Warehouse H. Barrel no.94. Rick no. 15
Dumped on 12-11-2006. Bottle no. 94

Distillery: Buffalo Trace
Age: NAS. Approximate 9 Years.
Proof/ABV: 93 Proof/46,5% 
Mash bill: BT. Mash bill #2. Not revealed
DK Price: $67/450dkk.
Release: Ongoing   

Points 86/100

Preface: In 1984 Mr. Elmer T. Lee introduced the world’s first single barrel bourbon. Blanton's. There are eight different "Jockey" stoppers. Each with a different letter engraved. Collect all of them, and the stoppers will spell B L A N T O N S.
Blanton's is aged for typically 9 years in the metal cladded warehouse H at Buffalo Trace. Metal warehouses transfers heat quicker than brick warehouses, which allows for more rapid aging.

There is a great feeling surrounding this bourbon.
The nose is cinnamon, nutmeg, orange marmalade and caramel.  The taste is powerful and soft at the same time. With vanilla, brown sugar, honey, light oak and the orange coming through once again. The aftertaste is medium with honey and citrus.

Footnote: I have always loved the handwritten data on the label. It goes for all distilleries that follow that procedure. Maybe it's a cheap trick. Call it what you like. But the fact that someone, has taken the time, to add the last details, before the bottle was shipped. Always makes me feel, that someone put a lot of care into the product. It somehow seems more handmade and less mass productive.