Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tasting: Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select
Tennessee Whiskey
Rick No L-18. Barrel No 14-5731
Bottling Date 9-29-14

Distillery: Jack Daniel's
Age: NAS. Rumor. Around 6 years
Proof/ABV: 45%
Mash bill: 65C/23R/12B
Dk Price: $60/400dkk
Release: Ongoing

Points: 81/100

The nose is all toasted oak, corn and a sweet smoky caramel flavor. 

The taste is thick and oily sweet with honey, cinnamon, almond and a hint of white pepper. 

The oak and white pepper increases in the medium finish.

The overly sweet Jack Daniel's profile, we remembered from our rock n roll youth, has defiantly transformed itself into a complex and quit satisfying whiskey. The single barrel select is without a doubt well crafted, though it's a bit off balanced and overpriced. I had my fair share of doubt buying it, but I'm glad I did so. Even with its tiny flaws it's a great pour, for the grown up wannabe young at heart rock n roller.