Sunday, May 22, 2016

Introducing Aaron Cave

Ever since I started this blog, there has been a desire to invite a couple of more whisky writers. My blog is after all called “A Part Of The Secret Whisk(e)y Society". Why I choose that name and started the blog in the first place, emerge from a desire to share and learn from the secret whisk(e)y society, that we are all a part of. What better way to share a passion, than taking a step back, so someone else can take the wheel?

Everyone who has read my article “Introducing The Son of Winston Churchill" might recall that I was talking about these 3 guys, who I own a lot of gratitude because they where the main reason, why I got into Bourbon in the first place. I think that there is some kind of poetic justice, being able to bring one of those great Bourbon brothers on board.

I am very thrilled and proud that Aaron Cave has agreed to be a part of The Son of Winston Churchill Crew.

(Hasse Berg)

Aaron Cave picking out a barrel at Four Roses
Hi my name is Aaron Cave. I am a bourbon lover and enthusiast, from the United States. I live in Columbus Ohio, just a short 2 hour drive to Kentucky. I have been a big bourbon enthusiast for about 4 years. I also helped start a whiskey enthusiast group in Columbus as well, the Whiskey Barrel Society. I really enjoy high proof and non-chill filtered bourbon and Scotch. Some of my favorite pours inclued E.H. Taylor barrel proof, Blanton’s SFTB, Knob Creek Single Barrel, and Old Scout barrel picks. Right now I am really into barrel picks from different bourbon society’s and liquor stores. I hope to write some great reviews. Cheers!

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