Sunday, August 7, 2016

We hope that you all enjoyed your summer
We at The Son of Winston Churchill have been having one hell of a vacation. Lots of laughs have been shared with good friends, over a glass of whisky.

But we manage to find the time, to put together the George Thorogood Thursday interview, and having one of our good friends and whisky blogger Mr. Vladimir Georgiev over, to talk about one of his favorite whiskeys. The Millstone, PX Cask.

Aaron Cave went on a Barrel Selection streak, and wrote 3 new reviews on the topic. The John J. Bowman, Single Barrel. The Four Roses, Single Barrel OESK and The Old Weller Antique, Original 107 Brand.

Last but not least, decided our favorite little read-headed whisk(e)y friend; Whisky Pete, to joined the Son Of Winston Churchill, and we have just received a new picture from his vacation on Islay. (See image below).

Seth Brown is back from his vacation, and is now ready with his third installment, of his E.H. Taylor line-up review series. Read his review by clicking here, or scroll further down. 

Our whisky brother in crime Chris (Caffeine Kid) Argallon is making a comeback on SOWC, with his Illustrated Doodle Reviews. His first installment, from his brand new series, can already be enjoyed below, and there are more to come the following weeks, so stay turned! 

While we were away sipping whisky and working on our tan, Bourbon Zeppelin issue #3 was released. If you haven’t already, go and read it by clicking here.