Saturday, November 5, 2016

Coming To A Blog Near You!

  7 locations… 7 distilleries… 7 whisk(e)y fans… 

7 stories… in 7 days straight. 

No nonsense, just pure passion!


We at the Son of Winston Churchill, has the past month been working on our new project, named “Around the Whisk(e)y World in 7 Days”.

Beside our regular writing crew; Aaron Cave, Seth Brown & Hasse Berg, we have invited 4 whisk(e)y fans to tell their personal story, about their local whisk(e)y distillery.

The reason we started this project, was so equal minded whisk(e)y lovers could get a deeper understanding of, and getting to learn about the “smaller” whisk(e)y distilleries, that often stands in the shadow of the giants in the industry. Because let’s all face it, there´s much more to whisk(e)y, than Scottish produced single malts and Kentucky made Bourbon’s and rye’s.                     

Starting Monday the 7th of November, you are able to learn the exciting facts about a “world” distillery, every single day, throughout the week. See program below for more details:

  • Monday: Box Whisky. Bjärtrå, Sweden. By: Martin Ahlquist.
  • Tuesday: Middle West Spirits. Columbus, Ohio. USA. By: Aaron Cave
  • Wednesday: Bakery Hill. Melbourne, Australia. By John Totsidis
  • Thursday: Lazy Guy Distillery. Kennesaw, Georgia. USA. By: Seth Brown
  • Friday: Fary Lochan. Give, Denmark. By: Hasse Berg.
  • Saturday: Ozark Distillery. St. Louis, Missouri. USA. By: Steve Akley. 
  • Sunday: Hillock Park Distillery. Sprockhövel, Germany. By: Matthias Blau.

We would like to take this opportunity, to thanks all of the great guys, involved in this project. It has been a pleasure getting to know and talk to each and every one of you. Without Martin Ahlquist, John Totsidis, Matthias Blau and Steve Akley, this project would never have become a reality.

Hope you will enjoy. We are looking forward to seeing you Monday.

Cheers, The Son of Winston Churchill