Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tasting: Smooth Ambler. Old Scout 9 Year - Single Barrel Selection

Smooth Ambler. Old Scout, 9 Years
Single Barrel, Barrel Selection by Timer's Beverage

Distillery: Smooth Ambler
Age: 9 Year
Proof/ABV: 108.4 proof
Mash Bill: Unknown
Average US price $55-$65
Release: Ongoing

Points: 88/100

This is my second Smooth Ambler review for SOWC. It’s no big secret that I’m a huge Smooth Ambler fan. Their single barrel selections are out of this world good, and they never disappoint. The single barrel selections from Smooth Ambler are barrel proof and non-chill filtered. They have a ton of favor and a lot of depth. High proofs and big flavors.

Right now most of their bourbons are sourced from other distilleries and aged at Smooth Ambler. They are working on distilling their own bourbon and rye, and I can’t wait for their own in house distilled bourbons and ryes to come of age.

Smooth Ambler Spirits was founded in 2009. While they do distill their own spirits, they also source whiskey from other producers, mostly sourced from MGP in Indiana. Right on the label it states, "Whiskey scouted during our efforts to find an exceptional American Whiskey”. I love the fact that they tell you it’s sourced and not distilled there. On to the Whiskey!

Nose: The nose is amazing; you get brown sugar, vanilla, sweet corn, and toasted pecans, with a light hint of oak and leather. 

Palate: That first sip is a blast of flavor. Caramel corn up front, followed by toffee and candied pecans. As it sits on the plate a big peppery and cinnamon kick comes in, then finally the oak comes through with hints of coconut.

Finish: This Bourbon seems to last forever, with candied nuts, vanilla and rye spice!

Photo & Review By: Aaron Cave