Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tasting: Blanton's Single Barrel - Private Selection

Blanton’s Single Barrel
Private selection by Hi-Times Cellars 
Barrel # 759, on rick # 42. 93 proof

Distillery: Buffalo Trace
Age: 6-9 years
Proof/ABV: 93 Proof
Mash Bill:  BT. mash bill #2
Average US Price: $65
Release: Bottled on 11-18-14

Points: 90/100


To start off this review, I do have to say that I am a big fan of Buffalo Trace mash bill # 2. Three of my favorite single barrel bourbons come from this mash bill. Rockhill Farms, Elmer T. Lee, and Blanton’s.

I am really looking forward to doing this review. Blanton’s was the bourbon that got me hooked. The first time I tried it, I was amazed by the flavor and smoothness of it. The way the sweet caramel and honeycomb melt into a light citrus with rye and oak was amazing. The balance was perfect

Buffalo Trace says via their website that Blanton’s is: “Taken from the center-cut or middle sections of the famous Warehouse H. Blanton’s Original was once designated for ambassadors, dignitaries, and Colonel Blanton’s family and friends.”

Elmer T. Lee released Blanton’s Single Barrel in 1984, and Blanton’s was the first single barrel bourbon to hit the market. Elmer T. Lee released this single barrel bourbon in honor of Colonel Albert B. Blanton, a previous master distiller. Blanton’s was and still is select barrel aged in Buffalo trace’s only metal warehouse. Warehouse H.

On to the review

Light caramel, and honey up front. Fallowed by light citrus notes, then hints of cloves, spicy rye, oak, and a touch of toffee.

Very creamy and smooth. Sweet vanilla cream and caramel corn start things off. Then there is hints of orange zest. Fallowed by sweet cinnamon, peppery rye, toffee, cherry wood and some toasted oak.

Nice medium to long finish. Toffee and honey fallowed by pepper and leather!

Photo & Review By: Aaron Cave