Monday, February 27, 2017

Photo exhibition with Tore S. Sørensen

Whisky is without a doubt the spirits that comes with the most passionate and enthusiastic group of people. All whisky enthusiasts love the iconic bottles, and have their own personal favorites, that they cherish above all.

Every single bottle and brand tells their own personal story, and bring back the memories of all those drams you have had, and the once you are dreaming of trying out.

That’s why we have decided to invite some of the truly amazing guys out there, who have taken their passion for whisky to the next level, and combines it with their passion for photo art, to showcase and create a platform for their stunning work.

We are very pleased to introduce you to; Tore S. Sørensen from Norway

We hope you will enjoy his photos, as much as we do. Cheers






Interview with Tore S. Sørensen

Please tell us a bit about how, why and for how long you have been into whisky?

I tried my first whisky when I was about 17 (I'm 31 now). It was of course a cheap blend, and I got it from a good friend, who had started drinking whisky. We tried a lot of different whiskies, but it was my first peated whisky, that got me really interested in whisky. I was 20 years old, and I didn't know what I had bought, but I tried it, and I loved it. It was Caol Ila 12 year old. Going from light style whiskies to a complex peated whisky was amazing, and I’m still a Peathead after 14 years.

I have always found photo and graphic art fascinating, but what or who inspired you to become a skilled photographer?

My father inspired me! He paints the motives; I have to take pictures of them.

Almost every single photo I have seen from your portfolio has whisky as the main focus, but the surroundings are always carefully chosen and absolutely stunning. How do you select these locations for your whisky - landscape photos, and what are your favorite subjects for your still life photos. Last but not least, why focus on whisky instead of say; landscapes or portraits?

I look for locations and settings all the time. It’s an addiction. When I’m walking or hiking with the family, or working, I see landscapes, settings and "moments" that I would love to take pictures of, like; Sunsets, snowstorms, waves, clouds, tools, and all kind of old stuff.
I try to put the whisky in its natural surroundings, when choosing a whisky for a view/setting. Before I started with whisky, my hobby was to take pictures of nature and landscapes. I got my first camera when I was 14, and I started taking different styles of photos, but mainly photos of landscapes in different kinds of weather. Living by the sea made it exciting to be out in storms. Now my hobby is whisky/photo, so taking pictures of whiskies came naturally. I do take some portrait photos, but it's easier with a bottle of whisky, or a landscape. A landscape on its own can be nice, but I like putting a bottle of good whisky in, to spice it up.

When you are heading out, are you one of those guys who always carry their camera and a bottle of whisky around, always on the lookout for the perfect photo location or opportunity?

I take 98% of my pictures with my phone, and I’ll try to bring a bottle anytime I leave the house, so yes.

I became aware of you, through Instagram. At first you worked with whisky - still life photos, where old rusty hand tools, old black and white photos, and things gathered in the nature, was dominating your photos, now it seems that you are leaning more toward whisky - landscape photos. Would you say that you are going through different stages, and what’s the next thing, that we can expect from you?  

I do have different phases I go through. Some follows the seasons of the year, some just happen when I find a setting I like, just like the tools. I love to use landscapes, because there are so many possibilities, and it's all around me. I don't know what's next, but spring is coming, and that opens for new settings.

I think every whisky enthusiasts have their own favorite bottle, when it comes to form and label design, what’s yours and why?

I love taking pictures of Lagavulin 8. The brown/green colour of the bottle, with the white label looks great everywhere, but the Highland Park’s Dark Origins bottle is right up there, it looks great!

I’m well aware, that it’s almost impossible to name a favorite whisky, because there are so many amazing ones out there, each representing their own style, and are unique in their own ways, but even though, I would like you to name some of your personal favorite whiskies, and tell us a bit about, from your perspective, what makes them amazing?

That’s a very difficult question, but I love Kilchoman, and the Vintage 2007 has to be one of my favorite whiskies. The peat, smoke, vanilla and fruits make a really complex, young whisky. When I don't drink the peated whiskies, I usually end up in Speyside with Glenrothes and Balvenie. I feel that they stand out from the rest, with their amazing fruity flavors and a really smooth mouthfeel.

Where can people find you and more of your photo art?

I'm only on Instagram at @whisky_sorensen but people can DM me, if they have any questions about photos.

Photos By: Tore S. Sørensen (All rights reserved)

Interview By: Hasse Berg