Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Son of Winston Churchill's one year birthday

Today marks a fairly significant milestone for Son of Winston Churchill, because exactly one year ago, this blog launched itself into the whisk(e)y blog stratosphere.

On days like today, is hard not to become a bit nostalgic and retrospective, so please bear with me.

As I’m sitting here looking back at our first year, I must admit that it amazes me, how we started out, and where we are today, not to mention how fast The Son of Winston Churchill continues to grow in popularity. One year ago, I wouldn’t have dared to dream of this.
From day one The Son of Winston Churchill has been a passion project for me. A passion for whisk(e)y and the many aspects surrounding the whisk(e)y industry, but also a passion for people. I know I might sounds like a broke record, but one of the most rewarding aspects about running this blog, is being granted the opportunity to share the passion with all of you.

I owe a lot of dues to a lot of guys out there, who contributed to the blog and helped us getting where we are today, but first and foremost I own it to you, who are following us Sons.

Thank you for the amazing support, and a fun and inspiring first year.

We hope you will take a moment and share a dram to celebrate with us.


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