Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tasting: Evan Haskill White Label BIB

Evan Haskill White Label
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Bottled in Bound

Distillery: Heaven Hill
Age: NAS, but at least four years old
Proof/ABV: 100 proof/50%
US.Price: $170
Release: Exclusively available from the Bourbon Heritage Center

Points: 61/100

Heaven Hill has previously released their Evan Williams 23 yrs and Evan Williams Master Distiller’s Select, exclusively available from the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown, Kentucky only. Today Heaven Hill releases their first limited edition bottle, from their new and ultra rare limited edition series, named the fan bottling collection. The fan bottling collection pays homage to 5 individuals in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to the Evan William’s brand. Heaven Hill’s are thereby going to be the first American Distillery, to produce a bottle carrying the name of a non industrial related private person. The first person being granted the honor are Mr. Evan Haskill.

Evan Haskill is best known from ABV Network’s podcast shows; The Bourbon Show and The Bourbon Daily, where he never fails to tell the listeners how much he enjoys Evan Williams bourbons, especially The Evan William’s White Label Bottled In Bound. Now it seems that all his hard work has finally paid off, and we at The Son Of Winston Churchill would of course like to congratulate Mr. Evan Haskill with the honor.

The Evan Haskill White Label BIB is being released in the same bottle and design as the classic Evan Williams White Label BIB, in a very limited release, only 32 bottles available, one for every birth year of Evan Haskill, so you better hurry up and collect your bottle before it’s too late.

The Evan Haskill bottle comes in a white plastic gift box. Included in the box are a silk handkerchiefs carrying Evan Haskill’s initials, allowing you to wipe off the bottle after you have been drinking straight out of it. The juice itself should reportedly be quite different that the standard Evan Williams White Label, but we are about to find out, because Heaven Hill has been so kind and send The Son of Winston Churchill a review sample.        

All though it is at least four years old, I can defiantly tell it’s young and a bit undeveloped. It is very spirit driven and the influence of the cask has been minimal, but it defiantly got that old familiar classic bourbon nose with toffee, caramel and vanilla.

Sharp and a bit rough around the edges. A real kick in the teeth alcohol burst at first, and a in your face big bold overpowering taste of black pepper, but as you slowly get use to the punches, it settles down and gets soft as a small fluffy furry kitten, softly licking your pores with hints of candy corn and all-natural and nitrate free bacon from pig of the with raw sugar on top.

Long and everlasting finish, that just goes on, and on, and on forever.

Overall impression:
I’m fairly confident given the right amount of time to mature, that someday it will develop into a fully grown potent bourbon, because I have to admit, that it has that certain something, which simply keeps me coming back for more.

With Old Limestone water:
Hey… Hey…Hey… that a totally different story!

Photo By: Lisa Carrington
Review By: Hasse Berg