Monday, April 24, 2017

Tasting: Wild Turkey 101

Wild Turkey 101
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distillery: Wild Turkey Distillery
Age: NAS, but at least six years old.
Proof/ABV: 101/50,5%.
Mash bill: 75C/13R/12B.
Average Swedish price: 399SEK/45USD.
Release: Ongoing

Points: 87/100

Light amber.

Toasted oak at first, and something sweet–like burnt caramel. Then comes a little bit of grain and ripe banana.

A little tannic when entering, then that nice toasted oak again. Raisins and butterscotch, ripe banana says hello again in the finish, along with a little bit of dark chocolate. A perfect heat follows the notes throughout, but never taking over.

Medium viscosity. Perfect heat in the mouthfeel as well, and maybe just a little bit of freshness.

Wild Turkey has been a brand since the early 1940s, and there’s been a Wild Turkey Distillery since the early 1970s. Today the brand is owned by the Campari Group, and the Wild Turkey product line is produced and bottled in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Their master distiller Jimmy Russell earned his title in the 1960s and holds it to this day.

The Wild Turkey 101, named after its proof, is the brands main expression and somewhat of an American workhorse as I understand it. One thing I love about bourbon is the craftsmanship and quality often found in the regular easy-to-find expressions. Wild Turkey 101 isn’t just something to use as a baseline to show how great the limited editions are. It is fantastically well made, well balanced and fair priced, even here in Sweden. Of course it’s a lot more expensive than in the States, but all bourbon is.

My main note as I was tasting this was as accurate as it was unintentionally sexy: “perfect balance of body and heat”. I could just as well be reviewing young Mickey Rourke.

Photo & Review By: Erik Hasselgärde