Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tasting: Jack Daniel's 150th Anniversary - 86 Proof edition

Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary - 86 Proof Edition
Tennessee Whiskey

Distillery: Jack Daniel’s
Age: NAS
Proof/ABV: 86 proof
Mash Bill:  80C/12R/8B
DK Price: $36USD/250dkk
Release: 2016. Limited release

Points: 59/100

Last year Jack Daniel’s released the 150th anniversary edition, as the name alludes, as a part of their 150th anniversary celebrating. The mash bill is exactly the same as their iconic old no. 7. 80% corn, 12% rye, and 8% barley. However the proof has been increased a tiny notch, from the original 80 to 86 proof.

Another 150th anniversary edition did also see the light of day back in 2016. Same procedure as this one, but bottled at 100 proof and matured in slow toasted barrels, whatever that means? and released in the same bottle as Jack Daniel's Holliday Select and Single Barrel Collection line.

Banana, Caramel, brown sugar, syrup and that spicy/sweet Jack Daniel’s “charcoal” profile, written all over it.

Palate: Unmistakably that overly sweet cola Jack Daniel's profile. We got vanilla, more caramel and sweet cherry

Finish: Short and dry woody. 

Overall impression:
I have always felt that the Jack Daniel’s Old no.7 had a strangely artificial taste, and this 86 proof falls under the same category.  
I haven't tasted the 100 proof edition, but it makes sense to create a limited edition bottle from the same mash bill as their iconic Old no.7 with a significant higher proof, but I really don't get this 86 proof edition. It brings a bit more heat to the table, than the Old no.7 does, but beside that, I really can’t tell the difference.

But if you are one of those who, for some unknown reason, find it incredible thrilling to collect Jack Daniel's bottles, I have, for yet another unknown reason, a bottle right here that you are free to pick up any time you like.

Photo & Review By: Hasse Berg