Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tasting: Evan Williams Single Barrel 2009

Evan Williams Single Barrel 2009
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Distillery: Heaven Hill
Age: 8-10 years
Proof/ABV: 86.6
Mash Bill: 75% corn 13% rye 12% malted barley
Average US Price: $27
Release: Ongoing


Evan Williams Single Barrel bourbon (EWSB) is a single barrel bourbon produced at Heaven Hill. Each bottle is bottled at 86.6 proof and is aged somewhere between 8-10 years. EWSB was first releases in 1996 with distillate from 1986. EWSB is a premium bourbon at a middle of the road price, at $27 a bottle it’s hard to find a better priced single barrel bourbon sporting a 8-10 year age statement. For me EWSB is one of the best value bourbons on the market.

Heaven Hills website has this to say about EWSB.
"Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon is a five-time Whiskey of the Year award winner. Each year our Master Distiller selects barrels that meet his exacting standards. It’s a bourbon that is vintage dated, meaning each bottle is marked with the vintage date it was put into oak, along with the year it was bottled and the exact serial number of the single barrel that the Bourbon was drawn from. Careful handcrafting and many years in the barrel result in our most premium and decorated Bourbon."

On to the tasting.

Nose: Great nose on this bottle, there is a lot of sweet oak and leather at the front. Fallowed by sweet vanilla pudding, caramel, cherry pie, cinnamon spice, and candied pecans!

Palate: Full of flavor and well balanced. Honey, toffee and peanuts up front, followed by baked apples, orange zest, spicy rye, toasted oak, and pipe tobacco.

Finish: Medium finish. Mostly oak, caramel, and cinnamon!

Photo & Review By: Aaron Cave