Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tasting: Maker's Mark. Private Select - By Liquor Barn

Maker's Mark's. Private Select - By Liquor Barn

Distillery: Maker's Mark
Age: NAS
Bottle Proof: 112
Mash Bill: 70% corn, 16% red winter wheat, 14% barley
Average US Price: $70
Release: 2016

Points: 91/100

Maker's Mark's Private Barrel Selection Program is finally here, it was a long time coming, but they made it happen.

The new Maker’s single barrel program allows the participant to come in and create their own flavor profile for their barrel of Maker’s 46.  Standard Maker’s 46 has ten French oak staves in it. With the single barrel program the participant gets to choose from five different types of staves: Baked American Pure 2, Seared French Cuvee, Maker’s 46, Roasted French Mocha, and Toasted French Spice.

The participant starts by trying the Maker’s Mark Cask Strength as a baseline, and then they get to try their five different versions of a private select barrels - so one is Maker’s Cask Strength aged with ten staves of Baked American pure 2, the next is Maker’s Cask Strength aged with ten staves of Seared French Cuvee, and so on and so forth. After all five versions are tried, the participant picks the staves they would like to be added to their barrel. The staves are added and the bourbon aged for nine months before finally being bottled.

The cool thing about this barrel program is that the participant really chooses the own Maker’s 46 flavor. They could choose all ten Baked American or do 5 and 5 or 2 of each.  There are over 1000 different combinations.

Ok, enough of the process and on to the review!

This is my second bottle of Maker's Private Select I have reviewed for SOWC. Check out the first review and compare tasting notes!

I am reviewing a Maker’s Mark private selection picked by the Liquor Barn. This barrel pick comes in at 112 proof, and the oak staves used were 4 Seared French Cuvée, 1 Maker's 46, 3 Roasted French Mocha, and 2 Toasted French Spice.

The color is a darkened amber, and this pick is super thick and rich.

On the nose you get a blast of butterscotch and vanilla pudding up-front, followed by baked apples, coconut, light hints of cinnamon, and big oak.

The palate is killer, just amazing. This pick is sweet and super nutty.  Up-front it is sweet caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch. As the sweetness fades away, you get hit with toasted almonds, sugared pecans, and peanuts - finally, at the end, there is a ton of oak and light tobacco.

The finish is hot and long. Butterscotch, peanuts, and oak - lasting for hours!

Photo & Review By: Aaron Cave