Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tasting: FEW. Delilah's 23rd Anniversary

FEW Delilah’s 23rd Anniversary
A blend of Bourbon, rye and single malt.

Distillery: FEW Spirits
Age: NAS
Average UK Price: £67/570dkk
ABV/Proof: 50%/100 Proof
Release: 2017. Limited release

88/100 points

FEW Spirits Delilah’s 23rd anniversary bottling was created exclusively for the 23rd anniversary of the legendary Chicago bar; Delilah's, there is located just a few miles away from the FEW distillery.
This whiskey is a NAS whiskey, clocking in at 50% ABV. It’s a vatting of 23 barrels, primarily bourbon & rye’s, but also unknown numbers of single malt barrels were added in the mix, all hand selected by The Delilah’s team.

The Delilah’s 23rd anniversary bottling was release last year – 2017 – and is already almost impossible to find today. I was kindly gifted a sample of it, by a guy, best known in the bourbon societie circles as the @spiritscabinet and it’s fair to say that I’m super stoked being graded the opportunity to taste it.

I have previously described FEW Spirits. If you want to learn more about the distillery, click here.

Bold rye spices hit instantly, but once you get past it the nose opens up and reveals the most incredible deep scent of blueberries, mint, vanilla and a not unpleasant note of petroleum and a hint of black pepper in the backseat.  

The classic sweet bourbon profile takes the lead with really creamy caramel, brown sugar and vanilla with the blueberries taste as an underlying key player, but it quickly transcend, and the rye portion in the blend steps into play, bringing its delicious spices into play towards the finish. 

Heat starts building up in the finish, with a lot of spicy flavors. Nutmeg, cinnamon and a fair amount of red chili pepper.

Overall Impression:
One of the more impressive American blends that I have had the pleasure of tasting in a while and the only real downside here is that I’m probably not able to track down a bottle, but if you do happen to stumble upon it at retail, then do yourself a favor and pick it up.  

Review by: Hasse Berg
Photo by: @spiritscabinet