The Crew

Aaron Cave:

Hi my name is Aaron Cave. I am a bourbon lover and enthusiast, from the United States. I live in Columbus Ohio, just a short 2 hour drive to Kentucky. I have been a big bourbon enthusiast for about 4 years. I also helped start a whiskey enthusiast group in Columbus as well, the Whiskey Barrel Society. I really enjoy high proof and non-chill filtered bourbon and Scotch. Some of my favorite pours inclued E.H. Taylor barrel proof, Blanton’s SFTB, Knob Creek Single Barrel and Old Scout barrel picks. Right now I am really into barrel picks from different bourbon society’s and liquor stores. I hope to write some great reviews. Cheers

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Greg A.

My whisk(e)y life has been a transformation from bad memories in college to a grand exploration of the divine. I’ve known whiskey for many years and it was mainly something to put in a mixed drink just like my father would do. My preference was beer; I went to the first Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado. Perhaps, with a beer, I would have a shot of bottom-shelf whiskey. Until, a boss, who happened to be Scottish, introduced me to some single malts that he said were the best.  I drank but didn’t explore whisk(e)y as I remained primarily a beer man. But, as I aged, beer no longer shared the same sentiment, and the doctor said if I must drink, drink spirits; nice doctor – cheers to whisk(e)y!

I am no whisky expert, but I do have a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and the whisky process fascinates the researcher in me. My Ph.D. dealt with absolutes, but with whisky there are no absolutes – there is only our preferences. We define the whisky we dram by our own individual senses, and, while we can dram what someone else tells us to dram, what we prefer forever remains personal. Like I prefer single malt first, rye second, and bourbon third, and I have a friend who is the reverse; it’s all good. Every bottle becomes a personal exploration and there is always plenty of tasting plus research with a helping of humor. I hope what I come to offer can become part of your research on your journey to the whisk(e)y you prefer.

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Hasse Berg:

Founder and daily editor of SOWC, located in the small state Denmark.

Passionate and devoted follower of all things whisk(e)y, with an affection for high rye/high proof Bourbons and “all those smoky things” that are being matured on the Scottish island; Islay, and preferable are being bottled at cask strength.

Please remember, whenever you are reading something I have written, that the piece only reflects my opinion, and my opinion alone, and are not meant to be taken by more than guidelines. In the end, it’s always up to you to form your own opinion.

I wholeheartedly believe and support transparency, both in the world of whiskey and in the writing about it. That’s why I always point out when I truly believe that a whisk(e)y is bad, because otherwise, how can you trust me when I say that something is great?   

Happy dramming’
Enjoy and have fun, after all, it’s only whisk(e)y.


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Monty Whisenhunt:

Like many people, my affection for this lovely brown spirit called whisky was an evolutionary process. What started as a means to an end wound up being a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and complexity of what I was drinking. 

I come from a working class family and as such, keep a light-hearted humor about me at all times. Struggling to make ends meet while raising four kids will introduce humor into the strangest situations and my parents danced that dance their whole lives. You learn to appreciate things a bit more when it's earned by your own sweat and labor.

My intent is to review whisky from the perspective of having it stand on its own merits, regardless of price or value considerations. Value isn't something that anyone can determine for someone else.

While my first love was and always will be, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, I enjoy and appreciate Whisky from all over the world, as well as the explosive craft and sourced whisky category. 

That quiet moment, Sunday evening, when my wife and teenage daughter are asleep, you'll find me in my office listening to a vinyl record, amplified with vacuum tubes, voiced through Danish loudspeakers and getting intimate with a good whisky. That time belongs to me and my Dynaudios. 


Monty is a sometimes whisky geek and always audio nerd living in Austin, Texas with his wife Jacky, daughter Miranda and cat Snowshoe.

Keep in touch on Instagram@monty_in_texas


Seth Brown:

Having grown up in Kentucky I was aware of Bourbon at a very early age — what it was and of course, where most of it was made. Living in the Blue Grass State, you would have almost had to go out of your way to not know.

Hello, my name is Seth Brown.

My childhood neighbor, Mr. Barton, of course only drank Very Old Barton (no relation) in his “totties.” On the way to visit my grandparents we passed exits for Maker’s Mark, Four Roses, Wild Turkey and George T. Stagg (now Buffalo Trace Distillery). It was the Bourbon Trail before there was a commercialized version of it. At Christmas, my grandmother always made Bourbon balls; a chocolate ball-shaped cookie, of sorts, made with Bourbon. Bourbon was always around in some form. Even in the dismal Bourbon days of the late 70’s and 1980’s.

Through my college years it was Kentucky Gentleman and Coke. After college I “moved up” to Evan Williams and Coke. And there was always a bottle of Maker’s Mark around for those “special” occasions. As I got older my tastes refined and matured. The first Bourbon that I remember enjoying neat (sipping, not taking a shot — of course there were plenty of those in my college days) was Pappy Van Winkle 20 year. Though it isn’t my favorite Bourbon it certainly was a game changer for me.

My favorite pours these days are Four Roses 2014 Single Barrel Limited Edition, Four Roses 2015 Small Batch Limited Edition, Elmer T. Lee and E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof (specifically the late 2014 release, 64.5%/129 proof). While I change my everyday pour from time to time, my cabinet staples are usually Elijah Craig 12 year (now a non-age stated Bourbon) or Four Roses Single Barrel. I typically lean toward high-rye Bourbon mash bills at higher proofs.

For the past 17 years I have lived in Atlanta, Georgia. While I no longer live in my home state of Kentucky I am still just as passionate about Bourbon. Perhaps even more. I use to feel that if I drank a whiskey made outside of Kentucky that I was cheating on my home. I have since found that there are a lot of really great whiskies made all over the world. Over the last several years my whiskey collection has expanded to include Rye, Scotch (thanks in large part to Hasse), Japanese and Canadian whiskies. But my true love will always be Bourbon.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and contributions on the Son of Winston Churchill. Cheers!

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Whisky Pete

Although little is known to us of Whisky Pete’s life, we do know he was raised in Houston, Texas. A Lover and devout follower of all thing Whisk(e)y, Pete spends his days discovering all he can on the water of life. Whisky Pete also seems to have made himself a home as part of the Houston Whiskey Social, an annual Whiskey festival in Texas.

Our first encounter with Whisky Pete was back in April 2016, when he suddenly made his mysterious entrance on the social media scene, announcing; ”Hello world, I’m Pete”. “You’re going to be seeing a lot of me very soon…” and that was that. No further explanation. Nothing! Total silence, until a few days later, Whisky Pete, yet again, popped up to say hello, only this time in the company of a bottle of Ardbeg’s Ardbog. 

Apparently this is how Whisky Pete likes to carry himself. Suddenly he is there, sipping on a Scotch whisky or bourbon, only to vanish into thin air. Weeks can pass and then; Boom, he’s there again, hanging with his father or one of his mates, just to disappear off the face of the earth again.

If you want to learn more about Whisky Pete, you can visit his Instagram account, by clicking here


Former SOWC Crew Members:

Cody Diefenderfer:

I've been really into whisky for only 2 years now, so I'm no expert, but I spend a lot of time reading, learning and tasting whisky.

My interest in whisky was kind of sudden. Wine and spirits has never been unknown to me thanks to my father so I've always enjoyed it, but my passion for whisky was sparked by a bottle I bought on a whim. That bottle led to two more, which led to five, then ten, and then many more than my wife was ever expecting. I enjoy all whisky but most of my time and money goes into single malt scotch.

Some of my favorite scotch distilleries are Springbank, Laphroaig, The Balvenie and Highland Park. I enjoy all types of scotch, peated or not, but I love ones with a hint of peat like a Benromach. I try to keep my reviews straightforward and honest, so hopefully you'll find them helpful.

I currently reside in the Bay Area, California with my wife. She is not a whisky drinker which just means more for me. Sláinte!

Keep in touch on Instagram: @dram_dude


Erik Hasselgärde:

I’m from the northern part of Sweden, and I’m currently living in Stockholm, working with musicians. A state monopoly, heavy taxation and a non-existent market makes for a frustrating interest, but after falling in love with bourbon from the first sip–I didn’t really have a choice.
I opened a bottle of Bulleit bourbon one warm summer weekend and, when experiencing that rich spicy whiskey while the sun was going down, it clicked with me. I’ve been nosing, tasting, reading, experimenting since then, and recently also started exploring the bourbon community on social media – writing and sharing experiences with some of the best people out there.

These days – if I’m picking – I go for the complex, sweet, oaky bourbons, and I drink them neat or in a stiff cocktail. I try my best to preserve personal bottles of Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel, Noah’s Mill and Booker’s and try to keep a bottle open at all times of Wild Turkey 101, Four Roses Single Barrel and Evan Williams Extra Aged.
I post pictures on Instagram as @northernbourbon, and I also write personal articles about bourbon and Swedish alcohol history on the Medium publication Northern Bourbon.
At best I hope to add a Nordic perspective on bourbon to the Sons, and if nothing else then some guidance and opinion of the whiskey that I love!


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