The 100 Point Scale


Scoring and tasting Whisky:


Your palate matters, no matter what other people say. 

There’s a lot of ways to score and rate whisky. Some people use a 5 or 6 point scale, others a 100 point scale. The 5 or 6 points scale kind of speaks for itself. The 100 point scale on the other hand, often variants from person to person. The legendary Michael Jackson gave each whisky a starting score of 50. Then he added points to reflect the quality of the dram. Other people like Jim Murray use the 100 points system in another way. Murrey define the whiskies qualities by four characteristics. Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance. Each characteristic is given a score out of 25, arriving at a final score out of 100.

Scoring and rating whisky is always a delicate matter, because taste is different, and most important is your own taste. But to establish the level of quality, and be able to compare whiskies, it seems there's no other way around it.

There are no right or wrong anchors in the tasting game. 
Don’t be bewildered if you can’t pick out the same notes in your whisky, as mentioned in a review. You properly tasted something different, and good for you. Because it’s your whisky experience, and the senses are a tricky thing that like to mess with your brain. “This whisky reminds me of my wife’s perfume, the one she bought at our honeymoon”. And BOOM you time traveled back to a place, you almost forgotten. But don’t tell her that. What you maybe didn’t know was, that both your whisky and your wife’s perfume had notes of lavender.

Maybe you find whisky critics who share the same taste as you do, and then you can use his reviews as guidelines. No matter what, have fun tasting, scoring and reading about whisk(e)y.


This is how we score whisky:


0 – 35.   It can’t be defined as Whisky.

36 – 50. Slowly approaching Whisky territory.

51 – 65. Drinkable but soon forgotten.

66 – 75. Has it’s good points but also weaknesses.

76 – 85. A very good dram but there is room for improvements.

86 – 94. Something not just to drink but to celebrate.

95 – 99. Perfection in a bottle.

100.       Do we really want something that cannot be improved?