The Adventures of Whisky Pete

Although little is known to us of Whisky Pete’s life, we do know he was raised in Houston, Texas. A Lover and devout follower of all thing Whisk(e)y, Pete spends his days discovering all he can on the water of life. Whisky Pete also seems to have made himself a home as part of the Houston Whiskey Social, an annual Whiskey festival in Texas.

Our first encounter with Whisky Pete was back in April 2016, when he suddenly made his mysterious entrance on the social media scene, announcing; ”Hello world, I’m Pete”. “You’re going to be seeing a lot of me very soon…” and that was that. No further explanation. Nothing! Total silence, until a few days later, Whisky Pete, yet again, popped up to say hello, only this time in the company of a bottle of Ardbeg’s Ardbog. 

Apparently this is how Whisky Pete likes to carry himself. Suddenly he is there, sipping on a Scotch whisky or bourbon, only to vanish into thin air. Weeks can pass and then; Boom, he’s there again, hanging with his father or one of his mates, just to disappear off the face of the earth again. 

Now, Whisky Pete has decided to join the Son of Winston Churchill and we are greatly honored to have him.   
If you want to learn more about Whisky Pete, you can visit his Instagram account, by clicking here.

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